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The Beauty of Simplicity: My Love for Costa Rica

I am an advocate for unplugging, unwinding, and giving yourself space to recharge. Often times, in the midst of life's chaos, it's hard to find that escape at home or even nearby. For me, travel is a necessary mental and emotional break. I love it so much. As I continue my journey in satisfying my wanderlust, several special places have really reached my soul. Costa Rica is one of those.

I first traveled to Costa Rica in 2016 on my honeymoon. My husband and I settled our craving for adventure by repelling our way around the Arenal jungle and then headed to a quiet beach town called Santa Teresa at the base of the Nicoya Peninsula. This area of the country is a "blue zone", which means that residents live longer than most of the rest of the world. I felt it as soon as I arrived. There was instant relief from the tension and stress that I was used to in my daily life. The fresh fruit was abundant, the lifestyle was simpler, and the people were happier. The residents of this area would rise with the sun and surf in the early morning and then sleep after sundown once the tide pulled back out.

The infrastructure was simple here. When there was too much activity, the entire town would lose power, reminding us all to slow down again and respect the slow flow of the area. No one would get upset of frustrated, restaurants would put out candles and life would resume in the absence of something we deem here as so essential. The first few days of our journey to this town my husband and I were frustrated with the lack of paved roads and the discomfort of driving our rental car over dust and rocks, but by the end of the trip, I enjoyed the drive and respected the barrier that is created to the faster-paced world. It limited the number of visitors, businesses, and waste to the area allowing it to flourish in its natural simplicity. I enjoyed the respect for the land and environment that was given. Beaches weren't polluted with waste, running water was respected and not wasted, septic systems were not clogged with anything other than natural waste. The beauty of the land was honored by the residents and visitors and it returned the favor tenfold with breathtaking beaches, jungles, waterfalls, and sunsets.