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Brighten Your Practice with these 5 Mindfulness Items from Charlsie

by Charlsie Sienkwicz

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Many yoga teachers have favorite mindfulness tools they use to go deeper into the moment and which serve as a reminder to stay present. Charlsie shares some of her favorite items with us in this blog. 🖤 Keep reading if you're looking for something new to help brighten up your practice this February!


Muezna Non-Slip Yoga Socks

  • Ballet Elastic Straps: Elegant straps make sure the socks won't slide off with movement!

  • The Combed Cotton and 100% Silica Grips have a better effect on sweat absorption and providing an anti-skid, non-slip surface on the sock bottom.

  • Separated Toes and Toeless Design: Toeless design allows your toes to touch the floor or mat, supplying a better tactile feel and balance.

  • Comes with a nice gift bag to carry around and keep the socks clean!

  • If you're not satisfied with your socks within 60 days of your purchase, we'll refund your order--no questions asked!

Yoga socks are a fun way to take your practice literally anywhere! They also can be great if you need some extra grip on your mat, especially for hot yoga.

Available on Amazon here.


Tongue Drum

  • Steel tongue drums produce a clean, ethereal, and melodious sound!

  • Tongue drums are suitable for various fields, including music education, yoga meditation, zazen, performances, religious activities, gifts, and so on.

  • Suitable for beginners: This worry-free drum contains a packet with a variety of music scores for beginners.

  • The steel drum is made of high-alloy, hand-modulated, and accurately cut by hand. It is a high-end percussion instrument with a perfect tone.

  • If you are not satisfied with your product, a full refund will be provided.

This little drum makes beautiful sounds, yet is small and portable! It’s so soothing, whether you’re just playing single notes or making your own songs.

Available on Amazon here.


Balancing the Wheels

Feeling “out of balance” is a common occurrence. Perhaps it’s digestive issues, or repeatedly injuring the same shoulder; feeling overwhelmed by e-mail, texts, and social media, or lacking closeness in your personal relationships. Balancing The Wheels can help you identify the patterns and connections from seemingly disparate aspects of your life as relating to your specific chakra energy centers. Once identified, this book provides specific tools, tips, and exercises including yoga poses, pranayamas (breath exercises), and meditations to address your imbalances holistically. Aimed at yoga students, teachers, and novices alike, this book provides a practical introduction and application of the ancient teachings of yoga and the chakra system to contemporary daily life.

This book was written by an inspirational teacher whose classes I loved to frequent. This book dives into each chakra with plenty of easy to digest information, and tools to use to find balance within yourself. Plus, the pages are color coded by chakra!

Available on Amazon here.


Zum Mist - Frankincense & Myrrh

  • Room and Body Spray: Spritz positive vibes and good smells on your body and clothes or in your closet, car, or bathroom.

  • Frankincense and Myrrh: These trance partners pair up for a classic reunion of dark, woodsy, and sweet.

  • Simple Ingredients: Made with essential oils and phthalate-free fragrance oil, water, and glycerin.

  • What We're Made Of: Zum products are made with high-quality, vegetarian ingredients.

I love all the different scents Zum has to offer, but Frankincense & Myrrh is my favorite! I love to fill my space with this scent; it’s relaxing yet invigorating with it’s musky earthy notes.

Available on Amazon here.


Yoga Wheel

  • Phyllexi Dharma yoga wheels have the thickest liner available on the market, allowing this spine roller to provide you with sufficient buffer for your back and shoulders allowing more comfortable stretching.

  • The wheel's back outer ring is made from durable and anti-slip TPE material for better friction and stability.

  • Made from a highly durable PP material that can support up to 330 lbs. with regular use.

  • The yoga back roller can not only be used to train core strength and improve flexibility--it can also be used to relieve body pain, stiffness, and to improve posture.

  • The yoga wheel is suitable for all levels! Its multifunctional design can assist you in practicing different senior-level yoga poses while improving balance and strength. Wherever you are on your journey, the yoga wheel can help you find better muscle support and stability!

This is part of my daily ritual after a long day of work. It helps to relieve all of my neck and shoulder tension with just a few rolls. It’s also a great prop for working on your upper spine flexibility.

Available on Amazon here.

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