• Sheila Johnson

Simple Strategies to Ensure Your Yoga Practice Keeps Evolving

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Are you searching for ways to reach the next level in your yoga practice? Sometimes, the simplest ideas can yield the biggest results. Read on for some easy and effective strategies to keep your practice growing and evolving.

Branch Out

Whether you feel your yoga practice has stalled out, your motivation has waned, or you simply want to see more progression, the addition of something new can be invigorating. With that in mind, consider switching up your regimen.

One idea is to test drive new poses to push yourself in a fresh direction. To ease you through it, look for online videos, which will guide you through different poses. YouTube is a great resource. From beginners to seasoned veterans, there is something for everyone.

Heat Things Up

Have you considered a hot yoga class? Designed to keep things moving and grooving, hot yoga uses strength boosting poses performed in quick succession. With the elimination of recovery time, it’s a workout that’s both intense and powerful.

Know in advance that you will sweat profusely, but that’s actually a good thing. As Healthline explains, sweating can help your body remove unwanted chemicals, heavy metals, and bacteria. It’s a natural detox worth embracing, although you should go into class well-prepared, both in terms of hydration and equipment.

With all that sweating, some experts suggest drinking one to 1.5 liters of water before class to avoid dehydration and consider creating your own electrolyte-infused water to bring along. You can use a pinch of salt and wedge of lemon, or just drink coconut water, which has the same electrolytes found in common sports beverages.

The Benefits of Going Bare

Do you normally practice yoga barefoot? Many people leave socks on or even wear shoes, but going barefoot can strengthen the muscles in your feet. It can also be particularly helpful to people who experience pain in their arches. What’s more, socks will slide on smooth floors, making it hard to maintain your poses. If you do elect to wear socks, look for some that provide grippy bottoms, like YogaAddict’s Non-Slip Skid Socks.

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