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Women's Circles | Second Saturday of the Month

Wild Women Retreat| Sunday, June 2
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Monthly Women's Circle

Second Saturday of the Month | 5:00 - 7:00 PM

at Love & Grit Farm (Germantown, MD)

Join us for a beautiful opportunity to connect to the women around you. This community building event will center around a beautiful floral floor mandala that symbolizes the strength and beauty of being a woman. Every month we connect to an intention and honor it through breath-work, meditation, or slow movement.


Our practice will close with light refreshments and an opportunity to connect with everyone.


Wild Women Retreat

Sunday, June 2 | 10:00 AM - 4:0 PM

at Bella Vita Farm (Brookeville, MD 20833)

It's easy to forget the fierce, wild, and brave woman within, when we're struggling with the day to day. We have designed this retreat to ignite that woman so you can transition into the summer season with fierce tenacity.

This all day retreat includes several movement offerings that will invoke that very primal woman. A nourishing lunch made from local ingredients. We conclude with a powerful wild woman ceremony that will send you off into the world feeling inspired and refreshed. Leave this retreat fully connected to an incredible group of women that you can call upon whenever you need a reminder of how strong you really are.

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