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Upcoming Events

Women's Circle

Second Saturday of every month

Autumn Women's Retreat
Saturday,  Oct. 7 at Love and Grit Farm

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Monthly Women's Circle

Saturday, October 14 | 5:00 - 7:00 PM

at Love and Grit Farm (Germantown, MD)

Join us for a beautiful opportunity to connect to the women around you. This community building event will center around a beautiful floral floor mandala that symbolizes the strength and beauty of being a woman. Every month we connect to an intention and honor it through breath-work, meditation, or slow movement.


Our practice will close with light refreshments and an opportunity to walk the farm and pick herbs and greens to take home.


Autumn Women's Retreat

Saturday, October 7 | 1:00 - 5:00 PM

at Love and Grit Farm (Germantown, MD)

As women it's easy to feel unsettled during the fall season. Follow us into a sacred space to reconnect with yourself and shed what is not serving you. Begin with a nurturing yoga practice deeply rooted in Ayurveda. A whimsical hayride will bring you to an orchard for apple picking. Then settle in on a hilltop for a letting go women's circle surrounding a bonfire. This event concludes with a delicious nourishing meal among friends. Space is limited!

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