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Mexican Yoga Blanket

Great for elevating the hips for seated postures and wrapping up during Savasana.

Almost always used in prenatal and restorative yoga and doubles as a great beach blanket!


Yoga Strap

(8 ft length recommended)

We use straps to create more length for our limbs in poses like forward-folds to arm binds.

This is useful in a vinyasa class or any advanced-level practices to help you work towards the full expression of poses.


Yoga Bolster

Bolsters are great for finding support in restorative postures close to the ground. They are also a staple for a prenatal practice.


Yoga Blocks

(2 recommended)

Blocks are a great prop for any yoga practice. They are a must-have for restorative and prenatal yoga, as well as, beginner to advanced vinyasa.

We like these Manduka blocks because they are thick, sturdy, and made from recycled materials!


Jade Harmony Mat

We thought we would throw in a few of our favorite yoga mats in case you are in the market for a new one.

We love Jade because it is high quality and eco-conscious. It's made out of pure rubber to prevent slipping and sliding.


Manduka Mat

Another one of our favorites! Manduka mats are designed to support joint health and prevent slipping. Their custom cushion and grip (without bulk) makes them an ideal choice for a sweaty or advanced practice.


Budget-Friendly Mat

We like this mat for students who are looking to upgrade their mat but are not ready to invest a lot of money into one. This Healthyoga Eco-Friendly Mat will help with slipping and provide you with cushion for your practice.


Travel Mat

This high-quality mat will easily fold up and fit in your bag or suitcase. Ideal for traveling or lots of carrying around, while still providing excellent grip and stability!


Blocks and Strap (2-in-1)

Here is a great packaged option if you are looking to purchase both blocks and strap!

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